Meet Micra.
Craig Leren

Constructing a solid foundation from his background in architecture, Craig branched out into fulfilling roles in the non-profit sphere before finding his way to web & UX design. With a focus on people and building connections, Craig looks for ways to help like-minded folks grow.

He enjoys playing drums, planning future travels, and leisure time ranging from golf to grilling.

Jake Miller

A lifelong creative individual, Jake is happiest when engaged in immersive projects that combine his logical left brain with his free-flowing right. Building on a background in visual art and mechanical/civil design, Jake found the perfect intersection of his skills in the web & UX design field.

He enjoys spending his free time hiking, exploring, cooking, and consuming movies & music.


Here at Micra, our philosophy is that design has the power to not only transform problems into meaningful solutions, but can also elevate our everyday experiences in a way that improves our daily lives.  With a full investment and respect for the creative process, we are able to ensure that the journey of turning your ideas into reality is smooth, concise, and arrives at a satisfying destination.  

Our process starts zoomed out, focusing on making broader connections and understanding your audience through research and discovery.  By asking the right questions, listening, and empathizing, we gain focus and comprehension that guides us on the road to helping you create a deeply satisfying web experience for your desired audience.

Meet with you,
design & market research, moodboards
Align visions, wireframe, discuss design direction
Finalize layouts, brand identity & aesthetic, design approvals
Build & launch your fully responsive website


Why Webflow over other design/development platforms?

Using Webflow, we are able to translate pixel perfect, custom visual designs quickly and efficiently into a live website without lengthy timelines that can often come with working with traditional web developers. Webflow offers a highly customizable and easily updateable interface that empowers our customers to make their own changes and updates to their sites after a quick training session. In addition, Webflow offers a robust CMS (content management system) that encourages and enables our clients to quickly create new event listings, blog posts, and generate other content themselves without keeping a web designer or developer on retainer for updates.

Webflow generates very clean code in comparison to other builders, which increases the speed and loading time of your site. A fast and clean website bolsters your sites SEO, meaning it gives you an edge in getting your website to rank higher in Google search analytics. Webflow also provides other built-in SEO integrations that will help give your site what it needs to stand out all search engines. With fast and secure hosting, your site will have the security and speed it needs to keep your site live and transmitting to the world. Compatibility with 3rd party integrations means we can connect your site to many different scheduling and building tools, while maintaining the custom design and aesthetic that we have carefully crafted together.

How long does the typical website take to create?

From the first meeting, to final launch and handoff, the length of the process is entirely dependent on the scope of work, speed of approvals, revisions/additions to the process, etc. That being said, an average design and build process takes 4-10 weeks, on average. Smaller development or design only projects can be completed quicker, whereas larger comprehensive projects can quickly stretch outside of 10 weeks. If you have a specific schedule or deadline for your project, let us know up front and we can help to hit your timeline goals and keep the project on schedule.

What does the handoff/launch process look like?

After the designs are approved and development is complete, we will transfer our finished product to your Webflow account where you will be given the metaphorical keys to your brand new website. This includes robust and secure hosting through Webflow servers, and no nonsense publishing and launch of your newly live site. We then will give you a training session on how to navigate the Webflow dashboard and how to make easy updates and changes through your site. If your site requires CMS, we will also walk you through in detail how to make new posts through a very user friendly interface.

What if I have more involved updates, or need ongoing maintenance?

A website can be a living system, and will change and grow over time according to your and your audiences needs. With that in mind, you may run into changes that are sizeable or systemic, and may need someone to help make larger updates periodically. We are happy to offer maintenance packages or make updates at an hourly rate. We are also available and easily reachable for consults and questions.

Will you provide designs only, or develop my site if I already have a design?

We are happy to help in any capacity that we can with your project and carrying out your vision- from smaller tasks to large design & development projects. If you are in need of wireframing, prototypes, or visual design only and have your own developer in mind, we are happy to help. Vice versa, if you happen to have a design all ready to go, we are experts in transferring your Figma, Adobe XD, and other design layouts to a faithfully recreated, responsive website as well. Reach out and we can contribute in a multitude of ways to help ensure a smooth fulfillment of your vision, in whatever capacity you need.